History weaving

The origins of texture of Longobucco weaving are ancient and common to other reality Calabrians.

It is said that ...
the turkish pirates during raids took prisoners the inhabitants of the Calabrian coast.

Very likely the women were lucky enough, after a long period spent in the East, to return to their place of origin and to the art of weaving, particularly the art of decoration of the canvas.
So far the legend, but Longobucco all there history, documented history.

Symbolism of the designs


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On the chassis is horizontal calabrese weaves the canvas and you run the decorations by hand, to point dish (via the wires of the decoration with the fingers in the middle all'ordito) or embossed (raised decorum of the wire with an iron mesh).
The raw materials are: sheep's wool, cotton, flax, broom, silk of bug.

The symbolism of the designs full of charm, and of suggestion result of popular beliefs that have marked the life of the ancient inhabitants of the country.

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